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Does God Exist?

Islam is very familiar with God and believe in His righteousness. Evidenced by his teachings that refer to Tauhid. But how to increase the confidence in God ..?

To prove the existence of God ( Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala ) is by contemplating the universe including human beings themselves, it can be used to some theories,

First, Causes of Theories

Everything must have causes isn’t ? So whenever there is change there must be something causing the change. Similarly, there is certainly something there to enable it. Something that would be impossible according to reason itself. So who is holding the universe?

Second, Compulsory of Theory

Being all things can not be separated from one possibility: mandatory, impossible or maybe. The universe was not compulsory and not also impossible, because they both are not contrary to reason. If it is not mandatory nor impossible, is certainly possible. This means that there is this universe is possible and there is not exist this universe is also possible.
Then who determines who may be present or absent? Certainly not also have the property as possible. It should be mandatory there, in this case is not the universe itself.

Third, New of Theory

The universe is something entirely new (there were originally), not something that has no beginning. If something new, certainly nothing to enable it. And that is certainly not hold it that have novel properties, but should that have a nature that is not started.
And the Last, Rules of Theory The universe and all its contents such as the sun, moon, stars and others including the earth and everything in it is everything “VERY ORGANIZED”. Something there is that govern regular course, impossible according to common sense something orderly everything was organized by chance. So it was a logical mind can also prove that it IS TRUE THAT ALLAH Subhanahu wa ta’ala / GOD EXISTED ! Description: :)Reference: COLLEGE creed Morals, Prof. Dr. H. Yunahar Ilyas, Lc., M.A. , LPPI-UMY

Some day in a school, a teacher wants to test the faith of students to God. There are 3 students named Aji, Indra and Jono. The teacher gives 3 live chickens for slaughter without being noticed by anyone. Aji go to the garden behind the school is was very quiet and kill it there. Then Indra going to the dark place in the cave and kill it there.

But Jono was still standing in front of his teacher, until his friend, Aji and Indra came and had slaughtered chickens most secret place without being noticed by anyone. Then, the teacher asked the jono, why is he still standing there and not doing the command? Jono said that there was no place which was secret from Allah.

The teacher was very impressed with what has been done by Jono, then the teacher explained that God knows everything even hiding place was dark and secluded, and Allah knows everthing that we do.

(Immawan Fandi Akhmad, PAI 2010)

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